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Embody Your Universe

Monthly membership

Step into a realm where you are not just part of the universe, but where you fully embody it. The SoulSync Collective Membership invites you on a transformative journey to awaken your inner cosmos and step into your boundless potential. Every Saturday morning at 9 AM EST, our sacred community unites to embark on Aligned Journeys. These aren't just sessions; they're portals to self-discovery and universal wisdom, combining the opening of the Akashic Records on the Quantum Field, the healing power of Kundalini Reiki, and the deep, meditative exploration of breathwork. Here, transformation isn't just possible; it's inevitable.

Your Cosmic Journey Includes:

Weekly Aligned Journeys: Four sacred gatherings a month every Saturday on Zoom 9AM-10AM EST where we dive deep into the cosmos within, using a unique blend of spiritual practices to unlock profound transformations and help you fully embody your universe. Aligned sessions are when we open up the akashic records in the quantum field, receive kundalini reiki and go on a meditative breathwork journey.  This is the fastest way for you to hear your soul speak to you.

Quantum Akasha Journey Meditation: Receive a monthly guided meditation that serves as your personal spacecraft, navigating the vastness of the Quantum Akasha and bringing its timeless wisdom and healing into your life.

Weekly Embodiment Practices: Engage with practices designed to ground the cosmic energies and insights you receive, making your transformation a tangible reality in your daily life.

Custom Subliminal Tracks: To aid your journey of embodying your universe, you'll receive subliminal tracks focused on rewiring your neural pathways, fostering deeper and more profound shifts in your consciousness.

All of that on an app so you can replay everything whenever your feeling called to do so.

Monthly Channelings from the Quantum Akasha: Direct insights and divine messages from the Quantum Akasha will guide you, offering clarity and direction as you navigate your path of embodying your universe.

A Community of Cosmic Sisters
The SoulSync Collective transcends the concept of a membership; it's a constellation of souls, a community of women deeply connected not just to each other but to the universe itself. Here, you're joining a celestial family, a gathering of cosmic sisters who support and uplift each other on this journey of transformation and embodiment. This community is your sanctuary, a space where you can share your light, learn from the cosmos, and grow in unity.

Experience the Universe Within
Joining SoulSync Collective means embracing the universe within you, committing to your cosmic evolution, and experiencing life-altering shifts. It's about showing up for the grandeur of your soul, exploring the depths of your inner cosmos, and emerging as a beacon of light, fully aligned with your highest self. Expect to open up to the universe within, hear the whispers of your soul, and step into a life filled with greater joy, purpose, and cosmic harmony.

Embark on Your Cosmic Journey
Are you ready to unlock the universe within and embrace your full cosmic potential? Join the SoulSync Collective Membership today and begin your journey to embody your universe, supported by the love and energy of a community that truly understands the power of unity and transformation.

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